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Travel Made Easier with our Checklist


Every traveller has gone through the last minute panic that they’ve forgotten something important. The easiest way to ensure that you’ve not missed to pack something or book any services or even research anything important is to have an ultimate travel checklist, especially for International journeys. Apart from the basics, we have put together some important points, which will help you get started on your International Vacation!

1) Essential Documents:

Your valid passport, prints of visa and air tickets are obviously the most essential travel documents. Even taking their pictures and keeping a copy on your phone/ email might help. Documents for Travel Insurance Service that you booked should also be a part of this. It is not mandatory, but since it covers medical emergencies, lost luggage and trip cancellation, you may want to carry it. Identification proof (apart from your passport) is also a document you should not forget to carry. Some airports also ask for accommodation proof at immigration counters, so a copy of your hotel booking will come handy. Read through all the guidelines online and ensure all travel related documents are carried by you, or just ask the travel experts at Riya Travel and Tours (I) Pvt. Ltd. We have experiences Visa and Insurance department offering proficient and prominent visa services and Travel Insurance.

For Visa Assistance call us at 61608080 or write to us at visa.fort@riya.travel

For Travel Insurance call us at 61608080 or write to us at insurance@riya.travel

2) Basic Utilities:

Before packing your bag, find out about the weather of your destination. In case of winters, carry clothes that will keep you warm. While packing your bags, organise things smartly, in order to fit as many clothes and utilities as you can, keeping in line with the airline standards. Another essential thing to be carried is a first aid box with your daily medicines along with the prescription, just to be double sure. You can pack your toiletry bag separately, but if you are keeping it in the cabin, make sure the toothpaste, shampoo, condition, deodorants, sunscreen and other liquid are travel packs i.e. not more than 100ml; otherwise, you can simply put them in your check-in luggage. For long plane journeys travel pillows come handy.

3) Forex:

It is painful when you have to spend your limited time in a foreign land searching for agencies to convert your money to local currency. Hence, carrying your money from your home country is the best option. There are different ways to carry money including forex cards, hard cash and traveller’s cheque or just your own International Credit card. We at Riya Travel and Tours (I) Pvt. Ltd. are licensed by Reserve Bank of India and provide the best foreign exchange rates. We also deal in Traveller’s Cheques and Prepaid Travel Cards which are safer and convenient options.

For Forex call us at 61608080 or write to us at forex.support@riya.travel

4) Electronics :

Make sure you have all your travel gadgets like mobile, laptop, camera, tablet and of course their chargers. We also recommend you carry a universal plug sockets which you can find at any local electronic store, as many countries have different input formats and your charger points might not fit in those plug points.

5) International Calling Card:

An International SIM Card is essential when you are staying abroad for an extended period of time. Local SIM cards are meant for local use and have local rates and may not be the best option for making calls back home. It also reduces the hassle of searching for the best plan and ensuring it works properly the entire time. Riya Travel and Tours (I) Pvt. Ltd. offers International SIM Card Service with country-specific plans. The pre-paid SIM cards come with a life-time validity and have online recharge facility.

For International SIM Card call us at 61608080 or write to us at rcproducts@riya.travel

6) Baggage Protection:

Some of us have feared of not finding our luggage on arrivals, while others have actually experienced it. So, it is always better to have your luggage protected. One such service that provides baggage protection is Blue Ribbon Bags. They cover every flight, on every airline. What’s better is that they track and expedite the return of your delayed baggage for 96 hours from the time your flight lands. In case the luggage is not found, they will issue you an appropriate payment. Good thing that now you can book Blue Ribbon Bag service while booking packages with Riya Travel and Tours (I) Pvt. Ltd.

For Blue Ribbon Bags call us at 61608080 or write to us at rcproducts@riya.travel

7) Extra Empty Duffle Bag:

We usually end up carrying a lot of excess things while travelling just to be prepared and then there is no extra space left for anything we shop for, internationally. Hence, we end up buying a new bag or two which burns a hole in your pocket. Our suggestion here would be to carry a duffel bag or couple of foldable luggage bags that you can flatten and squeeze in your luggage before leaving from your home country.

8) Learn Local Language & Etiquettes:

One sign action in one country might mean something totally different in the other. For eg.- Showing Thumbs up is a form of appreciation or agreement; it is now widely used on Facebook as a like symbol. However, in certain parts of the Middle East, Italy, Greece and South America, showing thumbs up is an obscene and rude sign. Hence, it is best to learn basic mannerism and etiquettes of the country you are travelling to. Similarly, knowing the basics of their spoken language is also essential for medical emergencies, bargaining or even asking for the loo. Even though English is spoken or at least understood in most countries, it’s good to be prepared!