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Why is Canada the Most Underrated, Yet Amazing Tourist Destination!

By Manasi Puri
05 Feb 2019

Yes, Canada has long and chilly winters and no, it does not have a Disneyland, but there is so much more to explore in Canada! The big northern country boasts of vast and beautiful landscapes, ultra-modern cities and the friendliest people in the whole world. The tourist destinations in Canada maybe lesser known than its famous neighbour, but here are 7 reasons why Canada is the most underrated, yet amazing travel destination.

Modern Cities & Beautiful Skyline

From Toronto to Calgary and Vancouver, Canada has some of the best Skylines and great city architecture. If you want to feel the rush, visit the CN Tower and enjoy the thrill of the glass floor or edge walk to experience the architecture in its truest form. High-rise buildings survive among quaint suburbs and art districts in the cities of Canada.

Best Place to see Northern Lights

Ireland, Norway and Iceland maybe on the top of your list to see the Northern Lights, but don’t forget the beauty of Jasper National Park. It is the world’s largest dark sky preserve that allows you to enjoy all the glory of Northern Lights. During winters and clear skies, you can hike a bit north on the Canadian Rockies to find your own personal planetarium as the sky is so clear that the Milky Way is visible. Best part is Jasper National Park is just a few hours’ drive from one of the busiest Canadian cities – Calgary, allowing you to do a day’s trip to the beautiful Banff National Park (2.5 hours away) as well as the turquoise coloured Moraine Lake (open between May- October).

Still Retains a Bit of European Old World Charm

You may find a piece of France right in one of the bustling cities in Canada – Montreal, Québec. The state of Québec, according to history, was part of New France, leaving some French influence in the country’s language, food as well as architecture. Canada also has some beautiful Castles and Palaces like Dundurn Castle, Rideau Hall and Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, which boasts of notable architecture from the 16th - 18th century.

Find Nature within Cities

New York may have the Central Park, but have you seen the vastness that is Stanley Park in Vancouver? With botanical gardens, bike pathways, vast gardens and an amazing view of North Vancouver skyline, Stanley Park is a refuge inside the city for locals during summer. Not to forget, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, located just a short 2-hour drive from Downtown Toronto, and of course the Banff National Park, a short 1 hour drive from Calgary. Talk about an adventurous day trip!

The Best Comfort Food

Not only is Canada home to the most-freshest ingredients at easy access, it also is the birthplace of Poutine! Crispy Thick Fries, Squeaky Cheese Curds and delicious gravy makes this dish the best comfort food to binge on. While poutine maybe the best known dish, there are other dishes made with fresh produce, which are distinct in taste and will make you feel sad to never have known the Canadian cuisine. Not to forget the maple leaf that is part of the national flag as there is abundance of rich maple syrup consumed in the country.

Their Passion for Sports

One thing is for sure, Canadians love Ice Hockey! The passion they have for this North American sport is similar to India’s obsession with Cricket. They have made sports so big in their country that they have sports centric attraction like Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto showcasing the game history, memorabilia and souvenirs. When you visit Canada during the games, do attend one and surely you would want to follow the sport!

Cultural Diversity

High acceptance and high reforms for refugees has made Canada one of the best countries for immigration. In 2011 a study showed that more 1 out of 5 Canadians was born out of Canada and this has created huge diversity in the culture of Canada. All these immigrants have contributed to the Canadian personality to make it a more vibrant country to visit. In Canada, you will always find nooks and corners with a touch of home and helpful people to guide you.

Well, let hope these 7 reasons were enough to convince you to visit Canada! So, start planning your trip already by choosing the perfect Holiday Package and Flight Booking. However, when you’re visiting an international destination, you will need Forex as well as Visa. Don’t forget that. Plus, the most important of all is booking Travel Insurance that’s a must, irrespective of the destination you choose. It is better to be safe than sorry.