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Your Holiday in the Americas

The Americas, comprising North and South America, opens up doors to so many travel opportunities. Taking advantage of this, we’ve curated some of the most amazing summer holiday itineraries for you. Read on to select your favorite travel destination, this season.
Western Canada Tour | Adventure of Canadian Rockies Tour

Canadian Rockies 5N | 6D

Starting at 1,37,990*

Being second largest in the world, Canada is one of the most culturally diverse countries. Tourists coming here enjoy their amazing hospitality and magnificent charm. The whole of Canada is beautiful and the Canadian Rockies will prove that to you. Here’s your chance to explore the popular Canadian cities that house the ice-capped peaks, diverse wildlife, beautiful glaciers, breath-taking lakes and more.
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USA East Coast Tours Package | East Coast of USA Travel Packages

East Coast of USA 9N | 10D

Starting at 1,26,990*

The beauty of USA is that’s its each state is different from other, offering visitor a unique experience. The East Coast of USA tour has something in store for everyone, from visiting natural wonders of the world to some of the most thrilling amusement parks.
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USA West Coast Tour Packages | West Coast of USA Tour

West Coast of USA 9N | 10D

Starting at 1,25,990*

The West Coast of USA is unarguably the best coast in the world with the San Francisco and Los Angeles. Former being a tech-hub and latter a charismatic city offer some great travel opportunities. This tour will take you through most amazing adventures including the some fascinating national parks, vibrant metropolises and more.
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Wonders of Peru & Galapagos Tour | Peru & Galapagos Cruise Tour

Wonders of Peru & Galápagos 12N | 13D

Starting at 2,51,990*

Peru is the land of ancient Inca ruins, while Galápagos Island is all about incredible wildlife and nature. With these two combined, travellers can experience history as well as nature together. Explore the Peruvian lifestyle as you visit the most sought-after places in Peru, while in Galápagos you cruise from one island to the other and discover the endemic wildlife species.
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Best of Argentina & Chile Tour | Argentina & Chile Tour Packages

Best of Argentina & Chile 13N | 14D

Starting at 1,59,990*

Two of the most highly desired places in South America, Argentina and Chile present visitors with diverse landscapes, snow-covered mountains, gushing waterfalls and more. Whether you talk about amazing forests, metropolises or islands, this itinerary covers everything and allows you explore endless possibilities in both the countries.
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Brazil Tour Packages | Argentina Tour Packages

Highlights of Brazil & Argentina8N | 9D

Starting at 83,990*

Brazil and Argentina are two neighbouring countries in South America that share a closed and historic relationship. So why not visit these two countries one trip! From the Brazil’s sprawling attractions to Argentina’s escape into the wild, this tour will give you a good understanding of culture and history of both the countries.
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