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Best Time to Visit Major Tourist Countries in the Americas

By Manasi Puri
28 Jan 2019

The Americas - land of two continents, spread across two oceans, boasting of 35 countries and a glorious diversity of landscapes. North and South America has always been considered to be an amalgamation of new and old worlds, from the Amazon Jungle to the man-made concrete Jungle, the things to explore in Americas varies from country to country. With two continents almost divided by the equator, the perfect time to visit these countries are bound to differ.


Canada experiences harsh winters, but very pleasant summers, making it the best season to visit Canada i.e. between May and mid-October. The country boasts of nature parks like Banff, Jasper and Niagra Falls, which require favourable weather conditions for being outdoors.


Visiting the US depends on type of activities you would be doing there, be it an outdoor Disney Trip or indoor Casino Night at Las Vegas. Spring and Fall seasons are usually the best time to visit USA. While the temperature is a bit cold during Fall for an outdoor activity, it is a great time to visit the Southern part of USA as the weather is pleasant and the places are less busy.
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Mexico’s weather ranges by season and by region. There are also chances of heavy rains, but the best time to travel to Mexico is during their driest months between December and April. The temperature too is pleasant during this time to explore tourist attractions as it can become very hot and humid during the summer months.
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Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands are a great choice when it comes to soaking some sun and chilling on a beach. The temperature is never too hot or never too cold and remains between 240 and 290 C throughout the year. Similar to Mexico, the best time to go to Caribbean Islands is between December and April when the islands are driest, especially the South Islands like Trinidad and Tobago and Costa Rica.


To talk about the best time to visit Brazil and not mention the Rio Carnival would be a crime. The Rio Carnival usually happens in February, which is a good time to visit Brazil and enjoy the trip ahead to the Amazon, Pantanal and the beautiful coasts in North and East. If you are not looking to visit Brazil during the festival, you can always plan a trip between July and September, when the weather is pleasant throughout the country.


Being a big country with varied temperatures, Argentina has a variety of landscapes for you to explore. From icy glaciers to sun kissed vineyards, it has two seasons that are considered the best time to visit Argentina – Spring (October to December) and Autumn (April to June). Northern Argentina with Iguazu Falls runs a bit warmer than the icy winters of the South, while central Argentina boasts of a Mediterranean climate that is great to visit year around.


Best time to visit Chile’s lush landscapes is between November and mid-March. Although there are heavy crowds during this period, Spring season is the most favourable for a tour of Tierra Del Fuego and Torres del Paine National Park. Chile is a great country to visit almost all year round, but you must avoid the months of July and August, which is peak winter and most attractions are closed.
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Winter is usually the best time to visit Peru i.e. the months of May to November, which are the driest. Although the Amazon Jungle sees frequent rainfalls and high humidity, the chances of raining during these months are low. A trek to Machu Pichu also becomes pleasant when done during winters in Peru.
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