Mr. GMJ Thampy Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. GMJ Thampy - Chairman & Managing Director Riya Travel

What started as an idea and vision in 1980, is now, one of the leading enterprise in the travel world. Spearheaded by MR. GMJ Thampy, today the company has an extensive network of more than 50+ branch offices across India and 10 internationally. Riya Group started off with its overseas manpower wing in the 1980 and today has built an empire with more than 5 business units, which continues to expand. Building an enterprise so vast is no easy feat, but Mr. Thampy with his able leadership skills have managed to grow the company beyond anyone’s imagination over the last 36 years and he believes the journey has only just begun.

His hegemony is participative and encouraging. He strongly believes and values taking everyone along the journey and his respect remains the same from the junior most to the senior staffs in the organization and outside. Which in turn makes everyone respect him all the more. One of the most remarkable thing which stands out in this journey is that Mr. Thampy have never compromised on work ethics or sought favors from any political outfit. This journey has been a successful one purely because of the perseverance he has shown over the years. It is his constant support, motivation and foresightedness that has managed to get Riya so far and will continue to do so.

Mr. Jayan Nair Director

Mr. Jayan Nair has started his impeccable career in 1980 & has been instrumental in shaping the future of so many young talents in the field of Finance and Accounts. He currently is the Director - Finance.

Mr. Jacob Varghese Director

Mr. Jacob Varghese has always been a great administrator, who demonstrated unquestionable work ethics throughout his illustrious career. He was working abroad before joining Riya Group in the year 1990. He has played a vital role in setting up processes and systems in place during his stint over 2 decades in Riya. Currently he is working as Director - Administration.

Mr. Thomas Mathai Director

With as much knowledge and experience as Mr. Mathai possesses, one is bound to be everyone’s go-to person for a quick reference in matters of the moment and others alike. Mr.Mathai is an academic be choice and a people’s person by nature. He has spent about 18 years with Riya and has been for about three decades in the aviation and travel industry and has served in various levels of managements and in different departments.

Setting up the Riya education services, Riya Institute of Hospitality and training facility is his brain child and has earned several awards and recognition.

Mr. Nitin John Director

A business graduate, with exceptional organizational skills, passion for global events and great enthusiasm to try new things. His college training, a decade of experience and exceptional personal skills has resulted in the organization securing several international corporate accounts and organize global corporate retreats and incentive tours.

Mr. Nitin John has played a lead role in setting up Riya Holidays and organizing the meetings and incentive tours division. He has traveled across the world developing vendor relations and contracting with the service providers for the holiday’s division.

Mr. Manoj Samuel Director

A technocrat with a keen interest in integrating modern technology and gadgets into everything he believes in and is challenged with. Mr. Samuel who holds a Masters degree in business management, likes sports, music, technology and marketing. Throughout his career he has been an apolitical person. He is the perfect mix of technology and aviation industry with 18 years of experience in both. Being a person of great interpersonal skills and strong personality, bringing people of different skills and thought process together to harness the best in them is just second nature to him.

He also oversees the support functions in the organization providing ample support to Human Resources and Marketing department from his rich experience and insights of the industry.