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The Management Team

GMJ Thampy GMJ Thampy

George M John alias GMJ Thampy

Founder- President & Chairman of the Board of Directors

What started as an idea and vision in 1980, is now, one of the leading enterprise in the travel world. Spearheaded by MR. GMJ Thampy, today the company has an extensive network of more than 50+ branch offices across India and 10 internationally. Riya Group started off with its overseas manpower wing in the 1980 and today has built an empire with more than 5 business units, which continues to expand. Building an enterprise so vast is no easy feat, but Mr. Thampy with his able leadership skills have managed to grow the company beyond anyone’s imagination over the last 36 years and he believes the journey has only just begun.

His hegemony is participative and encouraging. He strongly believes and values taking everyone along the journey and his respect remains the same from the junior most to the senior staffs in the organization and outside. Which in turn makes everyone respect him all the more. One of the most remarkable thing which stands out in this journey is that Mr. Thampy have never compromised on work ethics or sought favors from any political outfit. This journey has been a successful one purely because of the perseverance he has shown over the years.

From the humble beginnings in the 1980s, today Riya Group stands with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 11000 Crores and employs more than 2500 professionals. Riya takes pride in offering its customers responsive, competent and excellent services. Mr. Thampy understands the constant requirement to evolve and hence Riya has diversified into different businesses over the last few years and has been successful in such endeavours.

Mr. Thampy’s vision is far from fulfilled and we’ve only scraped the surface. He keeps inspiring everyone by constantly raising the bar so as to unleash their true potential. It is his constant support, motivation and foresightedness that has managed to get Riya so far and will continue to do so.

Jayan Nair Jayan Nair
Jacob Varghese Jacob Varghese
Nitin John Nitin John
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