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Insurance Covers

  • Only treatment for COVID-19 at Government approved hospitals

  • Sum insured for individual member

  • Hospitalisation & pre & post care

  • Ambulance is 1% of sum insured, max up to ₹5000

  • No Restriction for room rent & ICU limit

  • Covers second medical opinion

  • Policy is available to all between 18-60 years. If a parent has this policy, the child below 18 is covered.

Insurance Excludes

  • Treatment taken abroad will not be covered

  • Home hospitalisation costs are excluded

  • Hospitalisation for other treatment is excluded

  • The cost for treated or quarantined for COVID-19 before policy issuance will not be covered.

  • Hospitalisation costs for patients under investigation and inconclusive report will be excluded.

  • Any member with any pre-existing disease is not eligible to Enrol the Policy as per T & C. (Comorbidity exclusion clause - Insured Member(s) is/are not suffering from fever or suffering /suffered from diabetes, hypertension, disease related to heart/lungs/kidney/liver, cancer, stroke or any condition that needs ongoing medication or the insured members(s) is/are due for any medical treatment, at the time of buying this policy)

*For a detailed overview of the policy coverage please click here

Benefits for you

Effortless Claims

Claims made easy with no hard copies required.

COVID Treatment Expenses

Get your hospitalisation expenses covered during these unprecedented times.

Choose your Coverage

Select your coverage type as per your requirements.

About Digit Illness Group Insurance

COVID-19 is a rapidly spreading infectious virus that has people from across the world affected by it. Being contracted by this disease can be disheartening, but insurance acts as an ultimate protection for you and your family which will reimburse you for all your COVID-19 expenses incurred due to expensive treatments & hospitalisation.


The COVID-19 master policy is an indemnity type of cover. The claim can be applied only for those family members diagnosed with COVID-19 and no other disease. A child and adult up to the age of 60 can be covered under this product.

Claim can be made on admission into Approved Hospital for treatment of COVID-19.

All Govt Approved Hospitals for COVID-19 are covered.

At the time of buying this policy, an insured member or members should not suffer from any respiratory symptoms such as severe cough, respiratory distress, or continuous breathlessness.

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