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USD 63.4 56.02
GBP 105.14 92.89
EUR 86.91 76.78
AUD 58.77 52.05
BHD 169.44 148.29
CAD 57.98 50.45
DKK 11.72 10.03
EGP 6.5 9.3
HKD 8.35 6.99
JPY 0.61 0.54
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Foreign Exchange

- Overview

Our division of foreign exchange is equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise clubbed with a winning combination of numerous great deals at exceptional prices when it comes to currency exchange. Our primary focus is to safeguard your funds and offer you the best services.

Licensed by the Reserve Bank of India, we offer the most affordable rates with regards to both buying and selling foreign currency emphasizing on a quick as well as value for money process. We also deal in Traveler’s Cheques and Prepaid Travel Cards which make it a dozen times safer and convenient whilst travelling abroad.

Interested in taking a closer look at how to safely exchange currency, avail of traveler’s cheques as well as travel cards and get the best deals possible? Then simply call our dedicated customer service executives who are professionally qualified to guide you through.

In order to help us understand your Forex requirements a little better, please drop in your query and our representative will get back to you.

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